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Spa Linen

Sposh Traditional Flat or Fitted Sheet


These Spa Sheets Get Softer with Each Wash.
Peachy soft and breathable, these microfiber sheets add a layer of comfort to your spa treatments. Sposh spa linens offer a luxurious feel but at affordable prices. They’re low maintenance, too! When you pull them from the dryer, they’re virtually wrinkle-free and hold their shape and size. Machine wash and dry.

Key Features

Care Instructions
1. Pre-treat oil stains
If necessary, with a stain removing solution
2. Machine wash
Permanent press cycle wash on cool temperature setting do not use bleach
3. Dry
Peremanent press cycle, dry on low temperature and setting, remove promptly
4. Iron
If necessary, using the pollyester setting


Flat sheet measures 56" W x 87” L. Fits a standard massage table 30" W x 73" L.

Fitted sheet with elastic measures 32.5" W x 73" L x 6.5" D pocket. Fits a standard table 32" W x 73" L.

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